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[70] "A Chemically Robust 2D Ni-MOF as an Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for One-Pot Synthesis of Therapeutic and Bioactive 2-Amino-3-Cyano-4H-Pyran Derivatives"


S. Mondal, B. Pramanik, R. Sahoo, and M. C. Das*

ChemSusChem 2024, Just Accepted (Impact Factor: 7.5)

Journal of Catalysis.jpg

[69] "Natural Product Synthesis by a Nanoporous In-MOF Catalyst: Crystallographic Insight by Incorporating Substrate Inside its Nanopores"


R. Sahoo, R. Ahmed, A. K. Manna* and M. C. Das*

Journal of Catalysis 2024, 437, 115641 (Impact Factor: 6.5)


[68] "Room Temperature Superprotonic Conductivity beyond 10–1 S cm–1 in a Co(II) Coordination Polymer"


S. C. Pal,‖ D. Mukherjee,‖ Y. Oruganti,‖ B. G. Lee,‖ D.-W. Lim, B. Pramanik, A. K. Manna and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2024, 146, 14546-14557 (Impact Factor: 15.0)

IC cover2.jpg

[67] "Two-Dimensional Cu(II)-MOF with Lewis acid−base Bifunctional Sites for Chemical Fixation of CO2 and Bio-active 1,4-DHP Synthesis via Hantzsch Condensation"


A. Saha, A. Pal, D. Mukherjee, S. C. Pal and M. C. Das

Inorg. Chem. 202463, 10832-10842 (Impact Factor: 4.6)

IC cover.jpg

[66] "Mechanistical Insights into the Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Radioactive and Chemotoxic UO22+ Ions by a Porous Anionic Co-Metal–Organic Framework"


S. Mondal,‖ A. M. Tedy,‖ S. Chand, R. Sahoo, A. K. Manna*, and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Inorg. Chem. 2024, 63, 10403-10413 (Impact Factor: 4.6)


[65] "Highly Scalable and Robust Ribbon-like Coordination Polymer as Green Catalyst for Hantzsch Condensation in Synthesis of DHPs and Bioactive Drug Molecule"


D. Mukherjee, A. Saha, D. Basak, R. Sahoo and M. C. Das*

Materials Today Catalysis 2024, 5, 100051.

Coord Chem Rev.jpg

[64] "Advances on Silver-based MOFs and/or CPs and Their Composites: Synthesis Strategies and Applications"


S. Mondal,‖ R. Sahoo,‖ J. Behera, and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Coord. Chem. Rev. 2024, 514, 215924 (Impact Factor: 20.6)


[63] "Variation in Catalytic Efficacies of a 2D pH-stable MOF by Altering Activation Methods"


J. Behera, A. Pal, R. Sahoo, and M. C. Das*

Chem. Eur. J. 2024, 30, e202400375 (Impact Factor: 5.02)


[62] "A Highly Chemically Robust 3D Interpenetrated MOF Heterogeneous ​Catalyst for the Synthesis of Hantzsch 1,4-Dihydropyridines and Drug Molecules"


R. Sahoo, B. Pramanik, S. Mondal, and M. C. Das*

Small 2024, 202309281 (Impact Factor: 13.3)




[61] "The Physical and Electronic Properties of Metal-Organic Frameworks Containing Dipyridylthiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole"


F. J. Rizzuto, S. C. Pal, E. R. Kearns, M. B. Solomon, P. W. Doheny, T. B. Faust, C. J. Kepert*, M. C. Das*, and D. M. D’Alessandro*

CrystEngComm 2023, 25, 6434-6440 (Impact Factor: 3.1)


[60] "Critical Perspective on MOFs and its Composites for the Adsorptive Removal of Antibiotics from Wastewater Matrices"


D. Mukherjee, J. Behera, S. Mondal, S. C. Pal, D. Volkmer* and M. C. Das*

Cryst. Growth Des. 2023, 23, 7612–7634 (Impact Factor: 3.8)


[59] "pH-Stable Zn(II) Coordination Polymer as a Multiresponsive Turn-On and Turn-Off Fluorescent Sensor for Aqueous Medium Detection of Al(III) and Cr(VI) Oxo-Anions"


S. Mondal, R. Sahoo, and M. C. Das*

Inorg. Chem. 2023, 62, 14124–14133 (Impact Factor: 4.6)


[58] "Highly Robust Metal–Organic Framework for Efficiently Catalyzing Knoevenagel Condensation and the Strecker Reaction under Solvent-Free Conditions"


R. Sahoo, S. Mondal, S. Chand, and M. C. Das*

Inorg. Chem. 2023, 62, 12989-13000 (Impact Factor: 4.6)


[57] "A Water-stable Cationic SIFSIX MOF for Luminescent Probing of Cr2O72- via Single-Crystal to Single-Crystal Transformation"


R. Sahoo, S. Mondal, S. Chand, A. K. Manna, and M. C. Das*

Small 2023, 19, 2304581 (Impact Factor: 13.3)


[56] "Devising robust hydrophobic MOFs and its membrane for ultra-sensitive aqueous phase detection of antibiotics and toxic nitro-explosives and adsorption of TNP"


D. Mukherjee, S. C. Pal, G. Das, K. R. Gore, and M. C. Das*

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2023, 11, 110528 (Impact Factor: 7.7)

TOC 5.tif

[55] "Porous and Chemically Robust MIL-100(V) MOF as an Efficient Cathode Material for Zinc-Ion Batteries"


S. Mondal,‖ P. Samanta,‖ R. Sahoo, T. Kuila* and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Chemical Engineering Journal 2023, 470, 144340 (Impact Factor: 15.1)

Coord Chem Rev.jpg

[54] "pH-stable MOFs: Design Principles and Applications"


B. Pramanik,‖ R. Sahoo,‖ and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Coord. Chem. Rev. 2023, 493, 215301. (Impact Factor: 20.6)

Separation tech.jpg

[53] "A Microporous Water Stable MOF for Consistent and Selective C2H2/C2H4 Separation"


A. Pal,‖ S. C. Pal,‖ H. Cui,‖ R.-B. Lin, D. Singha, M. K. Rana, B. Chen*, and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Separation and Purification Technology 2023, 320, 124208 (Impact Factor: 8.6)


[52] "Coordinated Water Molecules Induced Solid-State Superprotonic Conduction by a Highly Scalable and pH-Stable Coordination Polymer (CP)"


R. Sahoo,‖ S. Luo,‖ N. K. Pendyala,‖ S. Chand, Z.-H. Fu, and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Mater. Chem. Front. 20237, 3373-3381 (Impact Factor: 7.0)


[51] "Highly Scalable Acid-Base Resistant Cu-Prussian Blue Metal-Organic Framework for C2H2/C2H4, Bio Gas, and Flue Gas Separations"


S. C. Pal, R. Krishna* and M. C. Das

Chemical Engineering Journal 2023460, 141795 (Impact Factor: 15.1)

Click here for a video on this work.




[50] "Solid-State Proton Conduction Driven by Coordinated Water Molecules in Metal-Organic Frameworks and Coordination Polymers"


R. Sahoo, S. C. Pal, and M. C. Das

ACS Energy Letters 2022, 7, 4490-4500. (Impact Factor: 22.0)

IC_Oct 22.jpg

[49] "Potential of a pH-Stable Microporous MOF for C2H2/C2H4 and C2H2/CO2 Gas Separations under Ambient Conditions"


S. C. Pal, R. Ahmed, A. K. Manna, and M. C. Das

Inorg. Chem. 2022, 61, 18293–18302 (Impact Factor: 4.6)

IC cover.jpg

[48] "A Highly Selective MOF-based Probe for Turn-on Luminescent Detection of Al3+, Cr3+ and Fe3+ in Solution and Test Paper Strips through Absorbance Caused Enhancement Mechanism"


D. Mukherjee,‖ A. Pal,‖ S. C. Pal, A. Saha, and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Inorg. Chem. 2022, 61, 16952–16962 (Impact Factor: 4.6)


[47] "MOFs for CO2 Separation from Flue and Biogas Mixtures"


R. Sahoo, S. Mondal,‖ D. Mukherjee,‖ and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Advanced Functional Materials 2022, 32, 2207197. (Impact Factor: 19.92)

composite cover.jpg

[46] "Highly Scalable and pH Stable 2D Ni-MOF-based Composites for High Performance Supercapacitor"


R. Sahoo,‖ S. Ghosh,‖ S. Chand, S. C.Pal, T. Kuila* and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Composites Part B: Engineering 2022, 245, 110174 (Impact Factor: 13.1)

IC 22_cover.jpg

[45] "pH Stable Luminescent MOFs for the Selective Detection of Aqueous Phase Fe(III), and Cr(VI) Ions"


S. C. Pal, D. Mukherjee, and M. C. Das*

Inorg. Chem. 2022, 61, 12396–12405 (Impact Factor: 4.6)


[44] "Emerging Microporous HOF Materials to Address Global Energy Challenges"


M. C. Das*, S. C. Pal, and B. Chen*

Joule 2022, 6, 22-27. (Impact Factor: 46.05)




[43] "Proton Conducting Hydrogen-bonded Organic Frameworks (HOFs)"


S. C. Pal‖, D. Mukherjee‖, R. Sahoo‖, S. Mondal‖, and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

ACS Energy Letters  2021, 6, 4431. (Impact Factor: 22.0)

Final TOC.tif

[42] "Covalent-Organic Frameworks (COFs) as Proton Conductors"


R. Sahoo‖, S. Mondal‖, S. C. Pal‖, D. Mukherjee‖, and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Advanced Energy Materials  2021, 11, 2102300. (Impact Factor: 27.8)


[41] "Porous Anionic Co(II) Metal-Organic Framework, with a High Density of Amino Groups, as a Superior Luminescent Sensor for Turn-on Al(III) Detection"


S. Chand, G. Verma, A. Pal, S. C. Pal, S. Ma, and M. C. Das

Chem. Eur. J.  202127, 11804-11810. (Impact Factor: 5.02)

TOC new 1.tif
Coord Chem Rev.jpg

[40] "C2s/C1 Hydrocarbon Separation: The Major Step towards Natural Gas Purification by Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)"


R. Sahoo and M. C. Das

Coord. Chem. Rev.  2021, 442, 213998. (Impact Factor: 20.6)


[39] "Superprotonic Conductivity of MOFs and Other Crystalline Platforms beyond 10-1 S cm-1"


S. C. Pal and M. C. Das

Advanced Functional Materials  2021, 31, 2101584. (Impact Factor: 19.92)


Covid-19 Pandemic: Our Lab was completely closed due to Covid-19 from 24-Mar-2020 to 31-Mar-2021. Lab reopened from 01-Apr-21 with one student (Shyam) followed by three others in Oct 2021 (Rupam, Supriya & Debolina).



[38] "A 2D Mg(II)-MOF with High Density of Coordinated Waters as Sole Intrinsic Proton Sources for Ultrahigh Superprotonic Conduction"


S. Chand‖, S. C. Pal‖, D.-W. Lim, K. Otsubo, A. Pal, H. Kitagawa* and M. C. Das* (‖ equally contributed)

ACS Materials Lett. 2020, 2, 1343-1350. (Impact Factor: 11.4)


[37] "Immobilization of a Polar Sulfone Moiety onto the Pore Surface of a Humid Stable MOF for Highly Efficient CO2 Separation under Dry and Wet Environment through Direct CO2-Sulfone Interactions"


A. Pal, S. Chand, D. G. Madden, D. M. Franz, L. Ritter, B. Space, T. Curtin, S. C. Pal and M. C. Das

ACS Appl. Mater. Interface. 2020, 12, 41177-41184. (Impact Factor: 9.5)

New TOC for ACSAMI.tif

[36] "A ‘Thermodynamically Stable’ 2D Ni‐MOF over a Wide pH Range with Scalable Preparation for Efficient C2s over C1 Hydrocarbon Separations"


R. Sahoo‖, S. Chand‖, M. Mondal, A. Pal, S. C. Pal, M. K. Rana and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed) 

Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 12624-12631. (Impact Factor: 5.02)


[35] "Two Closely Related Zn(II)-MOFs for Their Large Difference in CO2 Uptake Capacities and Selective CO2 Sorption"


S. Chand‖, A. Pal‖, R. Saha, P. Das, R. Sahoo, P. K. Chattaraj* and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Inorg. Chem. 2020, 59, 7056–7066. (Impact Factor: 4.6)

final toc.tif

[34] "A Co(II)-Coordination Polymer for Ultrahigh Superprotonic Conduction: An atomistic Insight through Molecular Simulations and QENS Experiments"


S. C. Pal, S. Chand, A. G. Kumar, P. G. M. Mileo, I. Silverwood, G. Maurin, S. Banerjee, S. M. Elahi and M. C. Das

J. Mater. Chem. A 2020, 8, 7847 - 7853. (Impact Factor: 11.9)


[33] "A Phosphate-based Silver-bipyridine 1D Coordination Polymer with Crystallized Phosphoric acid as Superprotonic Conductor"


A. Pal, S. C. Pal, K. Otsubo, D.-W. Lim, S. Chand, H. Kitagawa and M. C. Das

Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 4607-4612.  (Selected as HOT Paper) (Impact Factor: 5.02)

MD-15 TOC.tif



[32] "3D Co(II)-MOFs with Varying Porosity and Open Metal Sites toward Multipurpose Heterogeneous Catalysis under Mild Conditions"


S. Chand‖, S. C. Pal‖, M. Mondal, S. Hota, A. Pal, R. Sahoo and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Cryst. Growth Des. 2019, 19, 5343-5353. (Impact Factor: 3.8)

(Invited article to the virtual special issue on the

'Structure Property Relationship in Crystalline Solids')

cgd toc.jpg

[31] "A Microporous Co-MOF for Highly Selective CO2 Sorption in High Loadings Involving Aryl C–H...O=C=O Interactions: Combined Simulation and Breakthrough Studies"


A. Pal, S. Chand, D. Madden, D. Franz, L. Ritter, A. Johnson, B. Space, T. Curtin and M. C. Das*

Inorg. Chem2019, 58, 11553-11560. (Impact Factor: 4.6)


[30] "Three Co(II)-MOFs with Diverse Architectures for Selective Gas Sorption and Magnetic Studies"


A. Pal, S. Chand, J. C. Boquera, F. Lloret, J.-B. Lin, S. C. Pal and M. C. Das*

Inorg. Chem2019, 58, 6246-6256. (Impact Factor: 4.6)

2nd IC.jpg

[29] "Metal Organic Frameworks and Other Crystalline Materials for Ultrahigh Superprotonic Conductivities of 10-2 S cm-1 or Higher"


S. Chand, S. M. Elahi, A. Pal and M. C. Das*

Chem. Eur. J. 2019, 25, 6259-6269.  (Selected as Reviews Showcase) (Impact Factor: 5.02)    


[28] "Metalo Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Frameworks (MHOFs) as New Class of Crystalline Materials for Protonic Conduction"


S. Chand, S. C. Pal, A. Pal, Y. Ye, Q. Lin, Z. Zhang, S. Xiang and M. C. Das*

Chem. Eur. J. 2019, 25, 1691-1695.  (Selected as HOT Paper) (Impact Factor: 5.02)


[27] "Two 2D Microporous MOFs based on Bent Carboxylates and Linear Spacer for Selective CO2 Adsorption"


A. Pal, A. Mitra, S. Chand, J.-B. Lin and M. C. Das*

CrystEngComm, 2019, 21, 535-543. (Impact Factor: 3.1)

2nd CEC.jpg



[26] “Polycarboxylates Templated Coordination Polymers: Role of Templates for Superprotonic Conductivities up to 10-1 S cm-1”


S. M. Elahi‖ , S. Chand‖ , W.-H. Deng‖, A. Pal and M. C. Das* (‖equally contributed)

Angew. Chem., Int. Ed201857, 6662-6666. (Impact Factor: 16.6)

Chemistry Europian.jpg

[25] “A Moisture‐Stable 3D Microporous Co(II)‐Metal–Organic Framework with Potential for Highly Selective CO2 Separation under Ambient Conditions”


S. Chand, A. Pal and M. C. Das*

Chem. Eur. J. 201824, 5982-5986.​ (Impact Factor: 5.02)


[24] "A Trifunctional Luminescent 3D Microporous MOF with Potential for CO2 Separation, Selective Sensing of a Metal Ion, and Recognition of a Small Organic Molecule"


S. Chand, A. Pal, S. C. Pal and M. C. Das*

Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2018, 2785-2792. (Impact Factor: 2.55)


[23] “Two Azo-functionalized Luminescent 3D Cd(II)-MOFs for Highly Selective Detection of Fe3+   and Al3+”


S. Chand, M. Mondal, S. C. Pal, A. Pal, S. Maji, D. Mandal and M. C. Das*

New J. Chem. 201842, 12865-12871. (Impact Factor: 3.3)

njc toc.jpg

[22] “A 3D Microporous MOF with mab Topology for Selective CO2 Adsorption and Separation”


A. Pal, J.-B. Lin, S. Chand and M. C. Das*

Chemistry Select 2018, 3, 917-921. (Impact Factor: 2.30)

AP chemselect.jpg

[21] "Three Isostructural Azo-functionalized 3D Cd(II)-Coordination Polymers for Solvent Dependent Photoluminescence Study"


S. Chand, S. Hota, S. M. Elahi and M. C. Das*

Polyhedron 2018, 153, 115-121. (Impact factor: 2.6)  

(invited article to the special issue 'Metal Organic Frameworks')

Polyhedron _TOC.jpg


Inorg Chem.jpg

[20] “A Water Stable Two-Fold Interpenetrating Microporous MOF for Selective CO2 Adsorption and Separation”


A. Pal, S. Chand and M. C. Das*

Inorg. Chem. 201756, 13991-13997. (Impact Factor: 4.6)

1st IC.jpg
Dalton Trans.gif

[19] “A Microporous MOF with Polar Pore Surface Exhibiting Excellent Selective Adsorption of CO2 from CO2-N2 and CO2-CH4 Gas Mixture with High CO2 Loading”


A. Pal, S. Chand, S. M. Elahi and M. C. Das*

Dalton Trans. 201746, 15280-15286. (Impact Factor: 4.0)


[18] “A New Set of Cd(II)˗Coordination Polymers with Mixed Ligand of Dicarboxylate and Pyridyl Substituted Diaminotriazine: Selective Sorption Towards CO2 and Cationic Dye”


S. Chand, S. M. Elahi, A. Pal and M. C. Das*

Dalton Trans. 201746, 9901-9911. (Impact Factor: 4.0)

DT Santanu.jpg



[17] “Structural Variation of Transition Metal Coordination Polymers Based on Bent Carboxylate and Flexible Spacer Ligand: Polymorphism, Gas Adsorption and SC-SC Transmetallation”


A. Pal, S. Chand, S. Senthilkumar, S. Neogi* and M. C. Das*

CrystEngComm. 2016, 18, 4323-4335. (Impact Factor: 3.1)     

(invited article to the themed issue, New Talent )            

1st CEC.png

from Post Doc.

[16] "A robust N- rich porous organic framework for CO2 capture and separation"

M. C. Das, J.-B. Lin, W. Zou, T. Yildirim, G. K. H. Shimizu

Preprints - American Chemical Society, Division of Energy & Fuels 2013, 58(1), 859.  


[15] “Interplay of Metalloligand and Organic Ligand to Tune Micropores within Isostructural Mixed Metal Organic Frameworks (M'MOFs) for Their Highly Selective Separation of Chiral and Achiral Small Molecules”  

M. C. Das, Q. Guo, Y. He, J. Kim, C.-G. Zhao, K. Hong, S. Xiang, Z. Zhang, K. M. Thomas, R. Krishna, B. Chen 

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012134, 8703 – 8710.      


[14] “Triple Framework Interpenetration and Immobilization of Open Metal Sites within a Microporous Mixed Metal Organic Framework for Highly Selective Gas Adsorption”  

Z. Zhang, S. Xiang, K. Hong, M. C. Das, H. D. Arman, M. Garcia, J. U. Mondal, K. M. Thomas, B. Chen

Inorg. Chem. 201251, 4947 – 4953.                


[13] “Rationally Tuned Micropores within Enantiopure Metal Organic Frameworks for Highly Selective Separation of Acetylene and Ethylene” 

S. Xiang, Z. Zhang, C.-G. Zhao, K. Hong, X. Zhao, D. R. Ding, M.-H. Xie, C.-D. Wu, M. C. Das, R. Gill, K. M. Thomas, B. Chen

Nature Communications 20112, 204/1-204/6.


[12] “Functional Mixed Metal Organic Frameworks with Metalloligands”

M. C. Das, S. Xiang, Z. Zhang, B. Chen

Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 201150, 10510 – 10520.


[11] “A Zn4O-containing Doubly Interpenetrated Porous Metal Organic Framework for Photocatalytic Decomposition of Methyl Orange”

M. C. Das, H. Xu, Z. Wang, G. Srinivas, W. Zhou, Y.-F. Yue, V. N. Nesterov, G. Qian, B. Chen

Chem. Commun. 201147, 11715 – 11717.


[10] “A New Approach to Construct a Doubly Interpenetrated Microporous Metal Organic Framework of Primitive Cubic Net for Highly Selective Sorption of Small Hydrocarbon Molecules”

M. C. Das, H. Xu, S. Xiang, Z. Zhang, H. D. Arman, G. Qian, B. Chen

Chem. -Eur. J. 201117, 7817 – 7822.   (Selected as VIP article)

from Ph.D

[9] “Effect of Bulkiness on Reversible Substitution Reaction at Mn(II) Center with Concomitant Movement of the Lattice DMF: Observation Through Single- Crystal to Single-Crystal Fashion” 

M. C. Das, P. K. Bharadwaj

Chem. -Eur. J. 201016, 5070 –5077


[8] “Diversity of Binding of Sulfate and Nitrate Anions with Laterally Asymmetric Aza Cryptands” 

M. C. Das, S. K. Ghosh, P. K. Bharadwaj

CrystEngComm. 2010, 12, 413–419


[7] “Binding of Various Anions in Laterally Non-symmetric Aza-oxa Cryptands Through H-bonds: Characterization of Water Clusters of Different Nuclearity” 

M. C. Das, S. K. Ghosh, S. Sen, P. K. Bharadwaj

CrystEngComm. 201012, 2967 – 2974


[6] “A Porous Coordination Polymer Exhibiting Reversible Single-Crystal to Single-Crystal Substitution Reactions at Mn(II) Centers by Nitrile Guest Molecules”

M. C. Das, P. K. Bharadwaj

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009, 131, 10942 – 10949


[5] “Coordination Polymers with Pyridine-2,4,6-tricarboxylic Acid and Alkaline-earth/lanthanide/transition Metals: Synthesis and X-ray Structures”

M. C. Das, S. K. Ghosh, E. C. Sañudo, P. K. Bharadwaj

Dalton Trans. 2009, 1644 – 1658


[4] “Halide Binding in Laterally Non-symmetric Aza-oxa Cryptands Through N/O/C–H halide Interactions with Characterization of Small Water Clusters” 

M. C. Das, S. K. Ghosh, P. K. Bharadwaj

Dalton Trans. 2009, 6496 – 6506


[3] “Supramolecular Association of Water Molecules Forming Discrete Clusters in the Voids of Coordination Polymers”

M. C. Das, S. B. Maity, P. K. Bharadwaj

Curr. Opin. Solid State Mater. Sci. 200913, 76 – 90


[2] “Helicity-induced Two-layered Cd(II) Coordination Polymers Built with Different Kinked Dicarboxylates and an Organodiimidazole”

S. Neogi, M. K. Sharma, M. C. Das, P. K. Bharadwaj

Polyhedron 200928, 3923 – 3928


[1] “Molecular Ice with Hybrid Water-bromide Network around a Cryptand with a Bromide ion Included in the Cavity forming a Host within a Host Like Structure”

M. C. Das, P. K. Bharadwaj

Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2007, 1229 – 1232

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