PhD Position: 

      Determined and highly motivated candidates with the appropriate background may contact directly to Dr. M. C. Das well in advance. Candidates having CSIR/UGC/INSPIRE or Institute (GATE/LS) fellowship may join our lab through the PhD program (Link) in both the semesters.

      Besides, a candidate having own fellowship (CSIR/UGC) may also directly join our group anytime throughout the year based on the availability of position. 

  Preference will be given to those having good organic synthesis skills (MSc project in organic/organometallic/polymer chemistry).

Post Doctoral Position: 

     Interested candidates (for N-PDF, CSIR RA, Institute PDF) with a strong research background only in MOF/COF/HOF/POP Chemistry/other porous materials and/or their composites are encouraged to contact Dr. M. C. Das directly. 

Currently, no 'Institute' PDF position is available.

Summer and Winter Internships: 

No open positions.