PhD Position: 

      Determined and highly motivated candidates with the appropriate background may contact directly to Dr. M. C. Das in advance. Candidates having CSIR/UGC/INSPIRE or Institute (GATE/LS) fellowship can join through our PhD program (Link) in both the semesters.

      Besides, a candidate having own fellowship (CSIR/UGC) may also directly join our group anytime throughout the year based on the availability of position. 

Post Doctoral Position: 

     Interested candidates (for N-PDF, CSIR RA, Institute PDF) with a strong research background only in MOF/COF/HOF/POP Chemistry/other porous materials and/or their composites are encouraged to contact Dr. M. C. Das directly. 

Currently, no 'Institute' PDF position is available.

Summer and Winter Internships: 

      Currently, there are no positions available.